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Previous years member kits are available to current members as an album or mp3.

Product Details

The 2009 Member Kit includes 5 songs written during special songwriting event that HANSON does each year called ‘Fools Banquet’.

Songs Include

  1. I Can't Wait
  2. Wait Here For You
  3. All I Have To Give
  4. Take My Time
  5. Devils Nachos

The 2009 Member Kit is available to current Members as a physical album or digital MP3* to current Members.

Purchase the album and receive an instant digital download of all audio tracks.

All MP3s must be downloaded within 24 hours from the same computer the purchase was made from.

*If you purchased the digital version of the 2009 Member Kit or individual tracks you will not receive a physical item in the mail, to receive a physical item purchase the $6 version of the Member Kit.