Violet May 2011 Members Event Shirt

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This Members Event shirt design was inspired by the art of the Facing The Blank Page Members EP.  Shirt also available in Violet and Grey.

Sizes: XXS, L, XL, XXL
Style: Alternative Apparel Unisex Slub* Crew (100% Cotton)

*Slub fabric is made of 100% cotton thread of varying width, which are loosely knitted together to create a super soft jersey that's got the worn-in texture of burnout.


Chest (Inches)
XXS: 32-34 
L:  42-44
XL: 45-47 XXL: 48-50

Waist (Inches)
XXS: 23-25
L:  35-37
XL: 38-40

XXL: 41-43 Hip (Inches)
XXS: 28-33 
L:  40-45
XL: 43-48 XXL: 46-51