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Store discount program ends Aug 29 at 11:59pm. Look for a new program soon!

2014 Members Ep

The 2014 Membership EP : Music Made For Humans (with Robots Trained by Monkeys) is being shipped now!

10 Reasons to Join

1. More than 40 songs only available to Members

Every year, members receive exclusive music as a part of the annual member's EP, as well as other special releases throughout the year. You will also have access to 7 previous years membership kits in the store.

2. Members Only Events

Every year, HANSON hosts Special events and live streaming concerts that are only available to members.  Here are a few highlights of the special events that have been made available only to Members.

2003- Recording of Underneath acoustic

2007- Recording of Middle of Nowhere acoustic 

2009- Recording of the Stand Up Stand Up EP

2010- Make it Out aLive Halloween concert  

2011- Facing the Blank Page Release Party and MOE Event

2011- The Story - Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around, Underneath, The Walk and Shout it Out

2012- No Sleep For Banditos Release Party and MOE Event

2013- The Sound of Light recording and MOE Event

3. Blogs from the band (From Us To You)

Go behind the scenes; on tour in the studio, at 3CG Records or wherever the Isaac, Taylor and Zac's minds may wander with HANSON's "From Us To You" Text, Picture and Video blogs.

4. Meet HANSON

As a part of your Membership you will be eligible to win a Meet and Greet for a show that you are attending every year HANSON goes on tour.

5. Special Discounts

Check your e-mail box for special discounts throughout the year only for members.

6. Become a Reporter

At each stop on a HANSON tour, the band takes time to sit down with one lucky Member and answer questions. Join and it could be you!

7. Win FREE Merchandise

Members have a chance to Win FREE Merch at every stop on a HANSON tour through mobile checkins and the members only kiosk at the merchandise table.

Visit the merchandise table and sign in using the Members Only Kiosk, or sign in with a compatible GPS enabled device to let us know you’re at the show and you are entered to win.

8. Advanced Concert Tickets

Get access to advance concert tickets at almost every tour stop.

9. Members only Merchandise

Every year Hanson creates special items available only to fan club members.

10. Members only Sections of the site

Get members only access to the Tour Archive, Media library, aLive BackStage Pass and more by becoming a fan club member.


How does the Membership Work?

A current purchase of a membership will be for the 2014 year, for 1 year from the date the membership is purchased.  At the time your membership is purchased, you immediately gain access to all of the member exclusive content and areas in the website. 

Your membership also includes the 2014 member kit and member card, the release date of the membership is not yet confirmed but will be release in 2014 and when available will be shipped to the address listed on your order.

Membership Renewals

If you are renewing for this year (2014) you will receive a 2014 member kit when they are available and your membership expiration date will be extended by 365 days.  If you are renewing your membership and have already purchased your year that you would receive your 2014 member kit in please contact customer service regarding the availability of the 2015 kit and how you should renew to receive that kit. When the 2015 is available for general renewals it will be made available as a drop down option to purchase.

Please contact Customer Service with any questions regarding your membership (a link to customer service is at the bottom of every page on the Website).


Please note: To place an order for a fan club membership for someone other than yourself, follow these steps:

1. Log out of if you are logged in.
2. Choose a new username for the person you are buying the membership for or log in under his/her account.
3. Register the new username using our registration link - - Please spell carefully as names cannot be altered once created.
4. Once you are registered and logged in with a new username, proceed to the store to order a membership
5. Click add to cart and proceed to checkout.
6. In the shipping information, put the information of your friend or family member. This will insure his/her membership card is printed correctly.
7. In the billing information, put your information so you will be billed for the purchase.
8. Proceed through checkout.
9. Online access for the new membership is available immediately. Simply give your friend or family member the username and password for the account. The membership kit will be shipped as soon as possible.

[Memberships are non-refundable]