Nov 29, 2012

Zac Hanson

New Album Recording Going Well

We are in the studio rocking in every day now working to finish up the basic tracks for the new album before we break over the holidays.

Things are going well so far, and that is saying something with as many things as could be going wrong :).  No one has yet gone crazy from our extended periods of time without seeing the sun, or developed insomnia the effects of long term over caffeination.  We are five days into recording and have worked on four songs so far, when you consider that the first day was a setup day, we are right on track.  Things are sounding great, they are sounding connected yet different from "Shout It Out" we for sure have songs that have a THROW BACK quality to them, but we also have mainline HANSON POP, a little FACE MELTING ROCK, and a few BEAUTIFUL BALLEDS in there as well.  NO I DON’T KNOW WHY I AM WRITING THINGS IN CAPS!!!  Got to get back to the grind, today we work on song number five.