Jul 11, 2011

Zac Hanson

The Musical Ride Tour Voting Today

The voting for The Musical Ride Tour starts today

I have heard some people are a little confused about the voting so I am going to do my best to clear things up.

  • Who can vote: Anyone can vote once a day up until the polls close the day before each show.
  • What are we voting on: You are voting on HANSON albums. Whichever album wins will be played in its entirety as part of the show.
  • Will the album that wins be the only thing played during the show: No, but it will be a large PART of the set.
  • What happens if two albums tie: If two albums tie we pick the one we feel like playing the most.

We will be making three albums available to be voted on for every concert on The Musical Ride Tour.  For each concert what those three albums are will rotate. This will help make sure their is always variety, a new challenge for us to play, and fresh music for you to hear.

If you still have any questions just check back in the late afternoon Tulsa Time (CST) and the voting should be available.  Once you see how it is working it should make it self clear.