Apr 20, 2011

Taylor Hanson

Wander Blog -Ny in the spring.

We have been on the move SOO much in the last few months, i have done a terrible job of sharing the vast gathering of pictures i have been collecting from France to LA to Alabama. So in an effort to purge my late photo procrastination and spurn your ocular inspiration, here's a selection of pics from our latest visit to the city that never sleeps as spring rears it's lovely head.All from the pov of my iphone cam.

Most of this selection of snapshots, are of corners and landscapes, but you will get a few pics of us mixed in with the arty fare. I am always amazed at how the look and feel and moment you snap a picture can sometimes take a simple moment and make it feel epic, and sometimes take an epic moment and make it feel so small. Enjoy the pics -TAYLOR