Apr 15, 2011

Zac Hanson

5of5 Packages All Gone

So we just finished up a big weekly meeting about all things HANSON and it turns out the 5of5 is so close to being sold out that we are going to need to pull the Ticket Packages down

Today is going to be the last day we offer them and then, we are going to pull them down and give the hand full of tickets that are left to the general ticket office to sell as individual tickets.  This is a really good thing because it means the responce to the LONDON 5of5 has been really good, but for anyone who might be holding out thinking they might buy a package, later today is going to be the last chance to get any of the packages or special items that come with the packages.  Tickets to The Story, a signed numbered print of The 5of5 Painting LONDON painting I did, it is sort of now or never.  I can't wait to see all of you there, we are only a few weeks away. 


On a side note, I am sitting here working on one of the merch items we are making for 5of5 LONDON, and I thought I would share.  We are going to do a special poster for every night just like in NYC at the first 5of5, but this time we are going to add a little LONDON into the mix.  This is just at the very beginning stage .