Apr 12, 2011

Zac Hanson

Really Bad In Japan

I have been sitting at my hotel room desk for the past hour of two listening to the radio, hearing about the nuclear situation being upgraded to 7

That is the same level as Chernobyl and according to the NPS station I was listening to the worst rating they can give.  It makes me feel sad, and proud.  I feel sad that this could happen, sad about how negatively effected that area of Japan will be for the remainder of my life but also a little proud of the efforts that we were apart of with the SXSW4Japan event.  This may sound strange but I am glad that I can still feel sobered by tragedy.  With the news media all but obsessed with ambulance chasing and sensationalism I have become accustomed to brushing off every story I hear.  It can be hard to feel empathy for those who suffer when you can't tell who’s telling stories and who’s reporting them.  To anyone who has given money thank you, to anyone who has purchased the SXSW4Japan album thank you.  In the grand scheme it will only be a small make a small dent, but we can feel pride knowing together we are trying to do our part.