Apr 07, 2011

Taylor Hanson

SXSW4JAPAN - Thank You!

Two days ago, South By Southwest for Japan (SXSW4jAPAN) re-streamed, and the benefit album came out, to everyone involved before more time elapses we need to say THANK YOU.

Sitting back stage at Jimmy Kimmel, it was surreal to observe the SXSW4japan stream through a laptop screen. Two weeks ago at south by southwest we were in a tizzy of activity trying to rally artists together to support the great needs in Japan. Of course what made it possible to do that initial stream was a ton of hard work and no sleep from our team, fans, new friends, SXSWcares, and many artists who took the time to jump in. For the second round we got to watch as the rundown of more than 40 artists performed, with people all over the world tuning in, donating and taking the time to spread the word about an important cause. 

Before more time elapses another thank you needs to be said to the many who contributed time and support, because there is still so much need as Japan struggles in the wake of the massive disasters, and every person that put a bit of themselves into the project helped shine a light on that need and do something about it. So, THANK YOU, to our friends,partners,fans and strangers who threw down to help support the project. 

Also in the same breath as the thank you, I'm also reminded that there's still much need in japan, for action. Like the small journey we've been on to help those in Africa that are facing HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty, the simple idea that we each have something to put to work for the cause rings true here. Keep that in mind in relation to the cause for those in Japan. There will still be need, and the things that will make a difference might be taking your time to spread the word to others,or money donated, or the contribution of something as abstract as a song. We've already seen a lot can be done when people put what they have to work. 

Onward -Taylor