Apr 04, 2011

Zac Hanson

Tomorrow Is A Big Day

OK a lot is happening this week, and tomorrow is like a perfect storm

I sort of feel like this is the day before the big race, and all that is left to do is relax but I can’t. The Give A Little single comes out on iTunes tomorrow with the RAC, and Questlove remix's and it also has the remix videos that were premiered on AOL today.  I am not really one to be nervous about a show or anything like that, but this whole week is an important one.  We are recording a performance at Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow that will air later in the month, but because we are playing on the outdoor stage it is more of a mini concert, full horn section and we get to play 5 songs!  The SXSW4Japan 12 hour telecast re-streams tomorrow as well and with that Amazon is going to be releasing the audio album SXSW4Japan.  It is a good deal at only $20 for like 47 songs and all the money goes to the Red Cross, so you really can't go wrong.  I have not even talked about the fact that we are also playing Conan this week, as well as doing a radio show in Denver and that is just the stuff I am allowed to talk about in public. ;)
I have not even told everyone I am planning on joining the mile high club this week... wait it is not what you think, I am going to get gamer points on my Xbox360 from an airplane at 30,000 ft ... it is going to be great.