Jun 22, 2010

Taylor Hanson

Furry Walls -Our Cover of Genius Rock Anthem

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Furry Walls(Infant Sorrow) - by HANSON
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We have always been influenced by all types of music. When we think of the most iconic rock bands in history, it starts with Led Zeppelin,The Who,ACDC and ends with Infant Sorrow (lead by iconic front man Aldous Snow). Their new track "Furry Walls" is blowing our minds, check our our impromptu cover of the track recorded in a late night NY rock session a couple days ago, just for you guys.

To tell you more. We have been huge fans for some time going back to fav track "We've Got To Do Something" a few years ago which was a much mellower tune. Sorrow recently re-surfaced with their epic "Get Him To The Greek" album. We love the track so much we had to get into the studio for a 48 hour NY rock session. Attached is the fresh off the presses HANSON rendition of the track For YOU!